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Friday, May 7, 2010

FINALLY - SC Files Suit Against Pirates, WITH ACTUAL PROOF!

Many people who visit this site may get the impression that we think people should be able to pirate karaoke tracks. Nothing could be further from the truth. We only object to naming people in law suits, WITHOUT actual proof. Until now, that has been the way Sound Choice has conducted business.

Sound Choice recently filed a law suit against people who were selling hard drives on Ebay, Craigs List, etc. We APPLAUD this form of legal action.

Here is a link to the suit:


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Be Fooled - Get An Attorney's Advice PRIOR To Talking To SC!

Beware The Sound Choice Trap!

Sound Choice's Kurt Slep is luring people he has sued into a trap. It is becoming clear to anyone following the Sound Choice lawsuit drama that Sound Choice is making these lawsuits their PRIMARY method of generating business. They sue KJs in mass quantities, and then bully their way into getting the KJ to pay a "settlement" fee.

To make matters worse, they are using public karaoke forums to intimidate people named in the lawsuit into paying. Take this quote from Sound Choice CEO Kurt Slep as an example, where he is responding to one person in Florida who was named in a suit:

"I do not believe the order for service has gone out in FL, or if you have not yet been served, you should contact Mr. Harrington immediately. That does not mean that you cannot still get counsel if you would rather do that *after* initial discussions with our lawyer. At least you will know where you stand and can explain that to your lawyer. But once YOU hire counsel, the lawyers will have to do the talking, which will drive up your costs, to pay YOUR lawyer, if nothing else. " Kurt Slep, CEO, Sound Choice

In the above statement, Kurt Slep wants one of the people he sued to contact his SC representative, PRIOR to consulting with an attorney. He he luring this person into a trap. Clearly, Kurt Slep wants the defendent to speak with a SC representative prior to speaking to an attorney, so he can gather more evidence against this person. Essentially, he is hoping the person will hang themselves, in order to ensure that he is more likely to get money out of the person.

Slep goes on to threaten and intimidate this person by stating that it will cost them more if they consult with an attorney. Honestly, what Mr. Slep is doing should be a crime. He is using un-ethical, hard-ball tactics, because he is a desperate man, on the brink of financial collapse.

If you have been named in a lawsuit, common sense dictates that you consult with a qualified attorney PRIOR to speaking to, or making any statements to Sound Choice.

The above editorial is the opinion of this blog's authors, based on statements made by Sound Choice CEO Kurt Slep.