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Friday, June 4, 2010

Sound Choice "Audit" of Good Time Karaoke, Inc

Details are emerging from one of Sound Choice's recent "audit's", and it appears that Sound Choice is making up rules and procedures on-the-fly. In a recent audit of Good Time Karaoke, Inc, of New Port Richey, FL, Sound Choice elected NOT to have them sign their rights away in the "Audit Agreement" that is posted below on this site. They also did NOT verify every single Sound Choice karaoke track listed in their karaoke books.

Also - Sound Choice conducted this "audit" via Skype webcam. According to the owners of Good Time Karaoke, "we sent pdf copies of each of our 3 systems books and then set up a time for a skype. Michael asked for certain songs and we showed copies of the disc(s) using webcam".

It is interesting to note that Sound Choice slandered this company in their lawsuit. The lawsuit against Good Time Karaoke states that:

97 Defendent GOODTIME KARAOKE INC was observed operating a karaoke system to produce a show in wicth conterfit copirs of SLEP_TONES accompaniment track were being used.

98. In connection with that show Defendant GOODTIME KARAOKE INC. repeatedly displayed the sound choice marks with our rights or license.

99 Defendent GOODTIME KARAOKE INC has put on as many as eight shows per week at as many as five diffrent venues, as many as three simultaneously.

100. Defendant GOODTIME KARAOKE INC maintains a library in excess of 12,000 songs
stored on each of its karaoke systems"

When asked about whether Sound Choice provided them with evidence to support the above claims, the owners of Good Time Karaoke stated "No explaination was offered or asked for, We are being dropped from the suit and have letters on the way to exonerate us. We do not know why we were named in the first place."

Of course, this company was not compensated by Sound Choice for the time and aggravation of being named in a lawsuit, and submitting to an audit. It would also appear that Sound Choice is setting precedence for others to demand the same audit procedures that were extended to Good Time Karaoke - not having to sign an audit agreement, and not having to account for each and every Sound Choice karaoke track listed in your books.

There is something else that seems very fishy about this audit. The owners of Good Time Karaoke are now ready to join the KIAA, and seem to be supportive of Sound Choice's unethical tactics to combat piracy. This, despite being falsely accused, having your name dragged through the mud for everyone to see, and having to spend valuable time preparing for, and submitting to Sound Choice's "audit".

We understand, that, after numerous sleepless nights worrying about this lawsuit, the owners of Good Time Karaoke are relieved to have this burden lifted from their shoulders. However, to all of a sudden be supportive of a company who has caused so much pain and suffering seems too good to be true. We think that there is more to this story than what we are being told. It is our opinion that Sound Choice is attempting to do damage control, and avoid counter suits. Perhaps a confidential settlement was reached with Good Time Karaoke, requiring them to be publically supportive of Sound Choice......and perhaps the owners of Good Time Karaoke are the nicest people on the planet, and can easily turn the other cheek after being crucified by Sound Choice. In our opinion, the confidential settlement is the more likely of the two options.